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Eighty percent of teens experience at least one acne outbreak during adolescence. Those pimples seem to pop up at the worst times — like before a date, an interview, or school pictures. Silver Spring Dermatology’s lead physician, Purnima Sau, MD, treats patients in and around the Silver Spring, Maryland and Washington, D.C.-metro area with moderate to severe acne. Using a combination of medication and laser therapy, she reduces the outbreaks and refines the scarring that acne leaves behind. To recapture the confidence that comes with beautiful, glowing skin, call Silver Spring Dermatology or go online to book your appointment today.

Acne Q & A

What is acne?

Acne is a skin disorder affecting the hair follicles and oil glands. Hair follicles connect the oil glands beneath the skin to tiny holes, or pores, on the skin’s surface. Hair grows through the follicle and out to the skin. Follicles also carry dead skin cells to the surface.

Sometimes, hair, oil, and dead skin cells clump together, causing acne pimples, swelling, and redness. The visible signs of acne include:

  • Blackheads
  • Solid lumps under the skin
  • Tiny raised, red spots
  • Whiteheads

Everyone gets a pimple now and then. Acne is a chronic condition causing frequent and severe breakouts with redness and swelling over a period of months or years. Acne is not a serious skin condition but can severely impact your emotional well-being and cause permanent physical scars.

Can I prevent acne?

Unfortunately, acne isn’t preventable. Yet, you can do plenty to reduce the length and severity of outbreaks.

Avoiding your acne triggers helps to reduce outbreaks. Common acne triggers include:

  • Hormonal changes, including pregnancy and menstruation
  • Stress, which increases oil production
  • Oil-based makeup and skin care products
  • Medication like steroids
  • Picking or popping pimples
  • Washing the skin too harshly

How is acne treated?

Dr. Sau takes an integrated approach to treating acne. A healthy diet and regular exercise help reduce symptoms. For your at-home treatment, Dr. Sau recommends a simple cleansing and care regimen for your skin that includes non-comedogenic products that don’t clog pores.

Dr. Sau treats severe, cystic acne with one or more of the following medications:

  • Antibiotics to reduce inflammation and control bacteria
  • Birth control pills to regulate pimple-causing hormones
  • Isotretinoin to permanently clear skin — in many cases
  • Retinoid creams or gels that unclog pores

You often carry the visible scars of acne long after your teen years. Enlarged pores caused by years of breakouts leave the skin bumpy and uneven. Dr. Sau uses Laser Genesis™, a non-invasive treatment that increases collagen production, to shrink pores, reduce redness, and improve your skin’s texture. A Laser Genesis treatment produces a warm tingling sensation, has minimal side effects, and requires no downtime.

To discuss the best treatment for your acne symptoms or scars, book your appointment with Silver Spring Dermatology online or by telephone today.